Our church was honored to hold this event, which was an evening of honest and redemptive dialogue by the Pensacola faith community responding to the racial tensions in our city and around our nation.

We are glad to provide the discussion via youtube, and will seek to have more of these discussions in the days ahead.  Here is the short link: (http://youtu.be/JMwZjQGoPlE) Find the video below.

Our prayer is that many more discussions will continue throughout the community and our city to show leadership and power of the Gospel to unite.  Here is a second video of a similar event Pastor Wallnofer was blessed to be apart of at Jubilee Church: http://youtu.be/yl1xseKxj54

Promotional Video: “Race, Reality And Reconciliation” (September 4, 7-8:30)

Participants: Tyler Burns, The Antidote Television Show; New Dimensions Christian CenterRace-Reality-Reconciliation-Sept4-7pm
Pastor Tim Coleman, Point Baptist Church
Dr. Bob Greene, Influence Pensacola; Pensacola Bay Baptist Association
Pastor Frederick L. Henderson, Waterfront Rescue Mission; Trinity Missionary Baptist Church
Pastor Joshua M. Wallnofer, Klondike Baptist Church
Pastor Lonnie D. Wesley III., Greater Little Rock Baptist Church

2 thoughts on “Race And Pensacola

  1. I regret that I was not in town for your event. Do you plan more? And is there a summary of the findings, results, etc. of this past event?

    I am a member of the UWF Leisure Learning Society, which offers misc. classes of general public interest. We have been frustrated that our participants include so few members of minority groups, and wish to find ways to reach out more. I hope that you may help us somehow. What do you think?

    1. We have the video posted now on the page of the event. Please call the office if you have any specific questions and someone will get back to you.

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