WHAT TO EXPECT:  Visiting a place for the first time can be scary. Having an idea of what to expect can help. Every Sunday we have what we call “community groups”  followed by worship services with music and the teaching of the Bible.  In each of these, it’s all about Jesus.  Some of us are just checking out Christianity for our first time, while others have been in church their whole lives, and all are welcome. We are a safe place where you can be you; where you can admit your struggles and failures, where you can come and find  and expect to find help and truly experience God.  We are all on a journey together to love God and our community!

WHEN SHOULD I COMEWe recommend that your first visit be at our 10:30 AM Worship Service.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?  Clothes.  That’s our only request!  We don’t have a dress code. You’re welcomed to attend in everyday clothes, or if you like to get dressed up in a business casual, that’s fine to.  Simply put, we believe worship is about the heart and God’s grace and love for the individual, not their brand of clothing. We are more concerned about the inside of a person, rather than the outside.

WHO CAN COME?  Everyone!  We embrace all ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds.

NURSERY:  Nursery is available during the service for newborns through toddlers. Our nursery is clean, attractive, secure and staffed by trustworthy, cheerful volunteers. You’ll find the nursery to your left as you enter our front doors on the left side of our gym/fellowship hall.

WHAT’S THE MUSIC LIKE?  We don’t own a pipe organ.  Our music team consists of singers, piano, guitars, bass, an occasional harmonica, and drums. We sings songs that are God-centered, deep in meaning, but easy to understand. Klondike Baptist Church loves to worship God through music. We appreciate the rich heritage of music from the past, and also sing many of the new songs of praise. We reflect upon the words sung, considering the truths that they confess, and sing with joy before our Lord. The whole congregation is a choir, and we love to rehearse!  You can listen to some of the music here: http://www.lovepensacola.org/music/

CHILDREN IN THE SERVICE:  Children of any age are welcome in the services. Jesus said “do not forbid them” so anyone who comes to our church can expect to see children in worship. Likewise, you should not feel embarrassed about a reasonable amount of noise from your own children. If you need to, though, you can take your child to the cry-room with windows so one can continue to hear and see the service, or the church foyer, where we have a television and live feed of the service.  We provide children’s bags each week with a kid’s Bible, crayons, and a coloring page for kids to use during the service.  They are located on a rack  on the right as you enter the gymnasium.  We ask that you sign a bag out each week and make sure you return it at the end of the service. We love having kids in our service.  It means the church is alive and growing!

If you would like to read in more detail why Klondike does not have a special “Children’s Church” during our morning service, we have provided this page to help.  Please click here:  https://lovepensacola.org/objectives-beliefs/children-in-church

WILL I BE BORED?  We hope not!  A life connected to Jesus should be exhilarating, challenging, and rewarding.  We plan our worship services to help connect you to God, to love Him in mind, body, and soul, with such a passion that it will overflow to those around you.

DO I HAVE TO GIVE MONEY?  If it’s your first time, we want you to keep your wallet in your pocket.  Just come and experience the family of God and His worship.  If you are led by God to be a part of this family, then we believe giving to God’s work and His church is the right thing to do as part of his family.

WHAT IS THE ENVIRONMENT LIKE?  We are a friendly church.  There is coffee and donuts as you enter the building, and everyone is one big family.  We believe the church should be a place of joy, reflecting who God is and caring for one another because He cares for us.

PREACHING:  We unapologetically preach Jesus. And we preach directly and practically from the Bible because the Bible is all about Jesus.   Our Pastor usually preaches through books of the Bible, helping you to understand the big picture of Who God is and what He is doing.  This might mean you’ll learn some things on how to be a better person, how to have a better marriage, or how to be more fulfilled in life—but that is not really the point. It’s because of Jesus that we can be a better person, have a stronger marriage, or find true fulfillment. You can sample messages here: https://lovepensacola.org/church-sermons/

WILL I BE SINGLED OUTYou will not have to say anything, sign anything, give anything, or be singled out in any way.   We will not make you wear a visitor badge or stand up so that everyone can see you. We would like you to fill out a communication card so that we can assist you in your visit at Klondike.

If I am not a member can I still attendYes!  You can participate in many aspects of the body life of the church, but you will not be allowed to be in leadership or to participate in the church business sessions.   There are many special blessings found in church membership, and it is what God wants for His children.  We encourage you to come for a few weeks, see and hear what God is doing, and if you have been saved by Jesus, and followed Him in baptism, we would love to have you join our church as a member!

First Visit: We recommend first time guests to attend our 10:30 AM worship service! For a full list of service times, here is the link.


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