“Book of Daniel” Message Series

(Also available on the youtube page in order here)

The War Against A Sovereign God (Daniel 1:1-7)

Obeying Our Sovereign God (Daniel 1:8-9)

The Sovereign God Provides (Daniel 1:10-21)

The Powerless Predicament of Man (Daniel 2:1-23)

The God of gods (Daniel 2:24-49)

The War Against The Glory of God (Daniel 3:1-30)

A Letter From A Humbled King (Daniel 4:1-27)

God Only Warns So Long (Daniel 4:28-37)

God’s Writing On The Wall (Daniel 5:1-17)

Belshazzar’s Funeral Sermon (Daniel 5:18-30)

Praying When It Is Not Politically Correct (Daniel 6:1-11)

The Walking Gospel (Daniel 6:12-28)

The God of History (Daniel 7:1-28)

The Ultimate Megalomaniac (Daniel 7:7-8; 19-28)

Pleading Prayer (Daniel 9:1-19)

The Greatest Answer To Prayer (Daniel 9:20-27)

The Invisible War (Daniel 10:1-21)

The Powerful Promises of God” (Daniel 12:1-3)

Do What God Has Called You To (Daniel 12:4-13)

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