Biographical Messages


“Martin Luther And The Peace of God” (Luke 2:29) (Reformation Sunday 2017)

“George Whitefield: That The Whole World Might Hear” (I Cor. 9:15-16) (Reformation Sunday 2015)

John Knox: Steadfast Trumpet of Scotland (John 17:1-3) (Reformation Sunday 2014)
John Newton: African Blasphemer Meets Amazing Grace (Reformation Sunday 2012)
John Bunyan: Mender of Pots And Hearts (Reformation Sunday 2011)
William Tyndale: God’s Translator (Reformation Sunday 2010)
The Life of D.L. Moody (Reformation Sunday 2009)
The Life And Ministry of George Whitefield (Reformation Sunday 2008)
Martin Luther And The Reformation Solas (Reformation Sunday 2007)

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