YouTube Live Stream

To livestream our service on Sunday morning, here is a direct link to the live videos: The stream usually begins a few minutes before 10 am. Check the dates to find this Sunday’s stream.

This link is provided for church family that is homebound, members out sick, or those who are out of town on Sunday.

Our church family and Pastor both have YouTube channels that are available to assist you in learning about our church and to grow in your faith!

To subscribe to our Church YouTube channel, click here:

To subscribe to our Pastor’s YouTube channel, click here:

We also add the sermons each Sunday on this channel and our Pastor’s YouTube Channel. To access the most recent Klondike videos, click here to listen again or catch up:

Pastor Wallnofer also records videos on theology and Biblical subjects from time to time, as well as his different classes he teaches. They are available at his page. Here is a direct link to his most recent videos:

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