“Praying The Psalms” Series

The “Praying The Psalms” message series, preached by Pastor Wallnofer in the Summer of 2017 at Klondike Church.

“Praying From The Pit” (Psalm 130:1-8) 

“Praying When God Feels Distant” (Psalm 61:1-8)

“Praying For Divine Justice” (Psalm 59:1-17) 

“Praying Before You Sleep” (Psalm 4:1-8)

“Praying When You Wake Up” (Psalm 5:1-12)

“Praying When You Need Help” (Psalm 121:1-8) 

“The Sinner’s Prayer Guide To Repentance” (Psalm 51:1-19) 

“The Psalm Jesus Prayed” (Psalm 22:1-31)

“Praying When Your Outside” (Psalm 19:1-14)

“Praying With Your Soul” (Psalm 42:1-11) 

“Praying When You’re Opposed And Alone” (Psalm 12:1-8)

“Praying When God Turns Things Around” (Psalm 30:1-12) 

“Praying For The Return of The King” (Psalm 110:1-7) 



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