“Who Is Jesus?” Series (John 5:1-47)

Messages preached by Pastor Joshua M. Wallnofer in 2015 from John chapter 5. This message series was titled, “Who Is Jesus?” and was a five part series through the fifth chapter.

“Jesus Helps The Helpless” (John 5:1-15) (http://youtu.be/iL_L3Zrv4sU)

“Jesus Is God” (John 5:16-24) (http://youtu.be/3bbCmVNATGI)

“We Will Answer To Jesus One Day” (John 5:25-29) (http://youtu.be/NknJoXpAXdE)

“Credible Witnesses of Christ” (John 5:30-40) (http://youtu.be/lpmOhvaVPGI)

“Why We Don’t Take Jesus At His Word” (John 5:41-47) (http://youtu.be/3C32kn9WAnQ)

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