“The Bread We Need” Series (John 6:1-61)

Messages preached by Pastor Joshua M. Wallnofer in 2015 from John chapter 6. This message series was titled, “The Bread We Need?” and was a seven part series through the sixth chapter.

“A Miraculous Meal” (John 6:1-14) (https://youtu.be/9d7hLEL9UaY)

“A Miraculous Intervention” (John 6:15-21) (https://youtu.be/lYMtBC4eS8g)

“A Miraculous Faith” (John 6:22-29) (https://youtu.be/kWs6ghFzJ-I)

“A Miraculous Belonging” (John 6:30-40) (https://youtu.be/u9kci4n5-4U)

“God Calls And We Come” (John 6:41-46) (https://youtu.be/CJ1_JUAcnqw)

“Jesus At The Table” (John 6:47-59) (https://youtu.be/ljddUeNXyGw)

“Superficial Spirituality” (John 6:60-71) (https://youtu.be/_at1ZErlzWc)

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