“Loving The Unlovable” Series (John 4:1-54)

Messages from the “Loving The Unlovable” series from John 4:1-42, preached at KBC in 2014 by Pastor Wallnofer.John-4-1-42-LovingTheUnlovable-Slides-Series

“Prologue: Our God Who Loves” (John 4:1-6)

“Love Overcomes Pride and Prejudice” (John 4:7-14)

“Love Overcomes Scandalous Sin” (John 4:15-26)

“The World Is Ready For Love” (John 4:27-38)

“Loving Conversations Can Change The City” (John 4:39-42)

“Faith Born of Anguish” (John 4:43-54)

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